There is no shortcut in blogging that will guarantee an overnight success.

It takes a lot of effort, patience and hard work.

But if you are willing to put in the time it takes, you’ll be able to start turning a profit with your blog in this Professional Blogging Course Online.

Blogging is a business that requires only skill to make money, no products and no services required and also it is the most effective way to start learning digital marketing as well as earning online independently without working full time in a company.


  • What is Blogging & Blog
  • Why Do People Blog?
  • The benefit of Blogging?
  • Types of Blogging & Blog Platform
  • Successful Bloggers in any Niche
  • Getting Started (Requirements to start a Blog)
  • Blog Niche Research (Finding Perfect Niche for You)
  • Domain Name Selection
  • Perfect Hosting /Server  for Blog
  • Comparison Between Different Blog Platform
  • Blog Installation & Configuration (WordPress platform)
  • Understanding required  Legal Pages on a Blog
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Blog Writing Tools
  • Blog Posting Tools &  Do’s & Don’ts
  • Tools to Create Graphics without Photoshop Skill
  • Social Media Branding for Blog
  • Subscriber List Building Management Tools
  • Blog Comment/ Visitors Response Management
  • Search Engine Optimization for Blog
  • Strategy to Increase Your Blog Popularity in your niche
  • Blog Monetization Opportunities
  • Getting Google Adsense Account Approval
  • Getting Affiliate Marketing Approval
  • Secret Ways to Monetize a Blog (my top 5 strategies to earn)
  • Outsourcing Content, Social Media Management & SEO
  • SEO Tools, Content Curation Tools & Roadmap for Success

This online professional blogging course online will be of great interest to professional or any person who want to learn and start blogging as a full-time career or want to leverage their business with blogging to promote and generate leads from the blog. It is an online professional blogging course available 1-to-1 online through Google meet, so that you can learn from anywhere office or home.


  • Certificate: An certificate of course completion.
  • Course Outcome: To start a full-time career as a blogger or to promote business.

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For any further queries and doubts, kindly fill in the details given below and hit send. You will get a callback within 24 hours.