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With the widespread use of smartphones, people are increasingly turning to mobile apps for all of their requirements, including ordering food, getting takeout, booking tickets, playing music, ordering shopping, and more. It is simple to hop on the mobile app bandwagon and purchase one for yourself with more than a million apps accessible for both iOS and Android platforms! But how can you create a mobile app that works wonders for your company? Here’s why hiring us is important! Yes, with years of expertise developing mobile apps for iOS, Android, Native, HTML5, and other cross-platform platforms, we are the top mobile app development business.

Mobile app categories you’ll learn about at BIIT

E-commerce Apps

Owning a mobile app is a requirement if you run an online store so that your consumers may shop there. Your company will gain greater exposure, more revenue, and more clients if you want to learn this.

Commercial Apps

You can communicate with your customers more readily thanks to business apps. Additionally, it will boost your company’s visibility and product sales.

Mobile social media apps

Social media apps are enjoyable and significantly improve user connections.

Mobile News Apps

People constantly want to stay updated by having access to all news and events taking place across the globe. By hiring in a team of mobile app developers, you may quickly establish a news app by acquiring knowledge from BIIT.

Our Workflow for an 8-Step Mobile App Development Process!

If you get in touch with us to learn how to create a mobile app for your company or for your client, you will learn the following steps in the mobile app development process at BIIT one of the best academy to learn mobile application development in Laxmi Nagar Delhi. This process involves the following phases.

  1. Convergence

In order to understand their needs and gauge the complexity of the app development, you will be taught whole process that you will first chat with your clients. We’ll teach you to examine market trends and provide the client with appropriate advice.

  1. Wireframing

After learning about the requirements of the clients, you can move on to designing the layout’s wireframe! Before beginning the mobile development process, you will learn to perform brainstorming, mind mapping, concept testing, and strategy building.

  1. Design Acceptance

Wireframing will be sent to the client for review once it is complete. If adjustments are needed, clients can recommend them. Direct meetings via Zoom or Google Meet will take place between the client and the mobile application team. The suggestions made by the client will be seriously considered by our development team. And if necessary, they will either resubmit the wireframe with the necessary adjustments or move forward with the necessary app’s development.

  1. Stage of Development

In this stage, we build the admin panel before moving on to the mobile app development. Due to its simplicity in development, testing, and deployment, we begin with the Android platform. Our mobile developers in Dubai will do QA and performance testing on the mobile app before submitting it for the final review to make sure it is operating in accordance with the client’s requirements.

  1. Comments & Modifications

When our Quality Check team has completed the QA, we will offer the entire system to our clients for their input.

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