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BIIT is one of the leading institute in East Delhi to learn Basics of Computer. Throughout the early 20s, MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) was the most popular operating system for personal computers (PCs). The purchase and promotion of MS-DOS were critical to Microsoft’s transformation into a software industry behemoth.

During the 1980s, MS-DOS was the primary operating system for IBM PC compatibles, until it was progressively replaced by operating systems with a graphical user interface (GUI), such as the graphical Microsoft Windows operating system. Although after DOS, many interface software has been introduced. To do clouding course or the completed packed certificate/diploma/ degree course can be found under one room BIIT, which is situated in Laxmi Nagar and has been ranked one as per the statics and reviews by the pass outs.

BIIT is a platform where you can enhance your skills to learn basics of computers. Instead of using a GUI like Windows, MS-DOS allows users to explore, open, and otherwise manage files on their computer via a command line. Although MS-DOS is no longer in use, many people still use the command shell, sometimes known as the Windows command line.

What distinguishes MS-DOS from other operating systems?

DOS Characteristics:

  • It’s a system with only one user.
  • It is in charge of the programme.
  • It is a state of machine autonomy.
  • It is a programme that handles (computer) files.
  • It is in charge of the system’s input and output.
  • It is in charge of (computer) memory management.
  • It has the ability to process commands.
  • Assembler is used to run it.


MS-DOS is an operating system that is based on system software. It is a sort of computer programme that is used to control the hardware and software of a computer. It also serves as a link between hardware and user applications.

DOS has varios version till date which are named as DOS 1.x, DOS 2.x, DOS 3.x, DOS 4.x, DOS 5.x, DOS 6.x, DOS 7/8 as a part of 9.x.

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