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BIIT is one of the best institute to learn multimedia and designing in North India. It is located in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi. Animation has been one of the most popular career choices for students in recent years. It’s a thrilling industry that demands creativity, visualization, narrative ability, and good technical understanding in order to transform an implausible world of fantasy into a reality. Animators and multimedia professionals are responsible for the great success of films such as Avatar, Transformers, Chotta Bheem, and others. Still pictures are given motion by animators who portray them in fast motion. For moviegoers, it provides the illusion of motion. Animator brings cartoon and manufactured characters to life.

It is the practice of displaying still images using various computer-based techniques to give the impression that they are running like a film to the spectator. It might be a hybrid of multimedia text, visual art, sound, animation, and video derived from a computer or other electronic medium. BIIT is one of the reputed institute for cloud computing course in East Delhi.

Students who are interested can pursue a B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia. The student can work as an Animation Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Game Tester and Reviewer, Game Developer, Sketcher, Designer, Planner, Editor, Pre-Production, Post-Production, and so on after finishing the course. The entertainment business is now expanding, and there are several job opportunities available. Animators can work for production organizations, television stations, design and creative firms, the video gaming industry, and IT software companies, among other places. The B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia courses are described in full below. B.Sc. in Animation and Visual Effects/ B.Sc. in Animation, Multimedia, and Graphic Designing/ B.Sc. in Media Graphic and Animation are all names for the same course. Specialization is available in 2D, 3D, and VFX animation.

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Difference in Animation and Multimedia


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Animation is a form of multimedia that creates the illusion of moving images in a sequential fashion.

Multimedia refers to a variety of media such as text, audio, photos, and videos.


Animation is a type of multimedia.

It is the combination of various types of media. 


Filmmaking, photography, video games, online applications, and sound design are all examples of animation.

Multimedia encompasses design, web design, and presentation, among other things.


It can be stored/recorded on either analogue or digital media, such as a flip book, motion picture film, or video tape.

Multimedia devices are electronic media players that hold multimedia files.


The term ‘animation’ is derived from the Greek words ‘ani’, which implies any non-living item, and ‘motion,’ which indicates movement.

The term “multimedia” is coined from two words “multi” and “medium.


Animators frequently specialize on a single media.

Multimedia is a form of art.


Animation is a sort of multimedia that consists of a series of images/pictures that move one after the other in a linear fashion.

It is defined as a collection of several types and sources of material, such as text, audio, animation, videos, images, and any other type of media. It’s mostly utilized to distribute data to a group or platform.


Its major goal is to give a static image life and movement by immediately sequencing numerous photos together. It is possible to draw it by hand.

Its key goals include industrial presentations, special effects/audio in entertainment, online training courses, journalistic editing, engineering design/research, social media in communication, and medical research. The vast majority of people utilize multimedia on a regular basis, such as periodicals, television, and so on.


Hand-drawn animation is possible.

Hand-drawing is not possible with multimedia. 


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