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BIIT is one of the institute which trains students from basic to advanced. The basic and advanced ideas of Bootstrap are covered in this computer fundamentals course. It is the best coaching centre in East Delhi. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from our Computer Fundamentals course. A computer is an electronic device that is used to process data or calculate. The word “computer” comes from the Latin word “computer,” which meaning “to calculate.”

In general, a computer conducts five major activities or functions, such as:

  • Accepts data or instructions as input.
  • Stores data.
  • Processes data in accordance with the user’s specifications.
  • Provides output in the form of results, and Controls the entirety of a computer’s functions.

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Details of computer operations: 


The process of entering data and programmes into a computer system is known as data entry. As a result, the input unit organises data from us and sends it to the computer processing.


There are two types of storage. It is Primary and Secondary Storage. Primary storage consists of Random Access Memory(RAM) and Secondary storage is non-volatile. Hard Disk Drives and Pen Drives are the examples of it.

The data and instructions are saved/stored in the storage unit indefinitely.

The following important functions are performed by storage unit:

  • Before and after processing, all data and instructions are saved here.
  • This is also where you’ll find the processing’s intermediate outcomes.

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Processing is the core function of today’s personal computers.

When data is received from memory, it is transferred to the processor for further processing.


The term “output unit” refers to devices such as printers and visual display units that are used to convey information to users in the format they prefer.

The Control Unit

The Control Unit, as the name implies, is in charge of all computer functions. The control unit connects all of the computer’s devices and components.

The Arithmetic Logic Unit

The Arithmetic Logic Unit is the computer’s brain, where all arithmetic and logical processes take place.


The user’s data and commands are accepted by input devices.

The following are some instances of different input devices.

1. Use a keyboard

2. Use a keyboard

3. Use a light pen

4. Scanner (optical/magnetic Scanner)

5. Interactive Touch Screen

6. Voice input via microphone.

7. Track Ball

Output devices

Output devices return to the user processed data in the form of information. The following are some of the most regularly used output devices:

1. Keep an eye on things (Visual Display Unit)

2. Printers.

3. Plotter

4. Invited Speakers

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