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Autodesk 3DS Max Course.

What is 3ds Max used for?

Auto desk 3DS Max is used to model, animate and render detailed 3D characters, photorealistic designs and complex scenes for film and TV, games and design visualisation projects.

Our Course.

BIIT provides one of the leading architect training courses in East Delhi, with everything you need to make you a professional 3DS Max expert.

During the course, you will learn the essential Autodesk 3DS Max terms components and skills including;

  • 3D modeling
  • texturing
  • understanding light effects
  • cameras and much more.

You gain information About

  • Design structure
  • Designing methods
  • Building better projects with advanced effects.
  1. You also get complete information about its other essential tools that you can use in complex and advanced level projects.
  2. If you want to be an architecture, civil engineer, or interior design professional amongst other opportunities BIIT’s BEST Autodesk 3DS Max Course is exactly what you need.
  3. You’ve set your goal. Now it’s time to join BIIT’s BEST Autodesk 3DS Max
    Training Course in East Delhi.
    Build knowledge and skills with BIIT to propel your career.
  4. BIIT’s Training Course provides a comprehensive and in depth study of all the areas and related topics of the field.

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone wishing to start a design based career such as an architecture, civil engineer, or interior design professional,
or Design professionals who want to augment their career profile and increase employability.

Candidate Requirements:

10th, 12th, or Equivalent.
BCA/MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, B.sc (IT), B.sc(CS).
Diploma Candidates.

Prepare with BIIT the best Autodesk 3DS Max training in East Delhi.

Why Choose BIIT?

  1. First and foremost we have the most highly skilled trainers with the best experience working in this field. 
  2. Your training will cover not only working on theoretical knowledge but also the essential practical skills.
  3. BIIT is ranked the best Autodesk 3DS Max
  4. Training institute in Laxmi Nagar East Delhi because along with the best tutoring, we also offer job support and interview preparation.
  5. Boost your Career With BIIT the best Training in East Delhi

Life Time Validity:

Once you are enrolled with BIIT for training, you can revise specific topics or the whole syllabus at any time.

Training by Professionals:

You will be trained by professionals who have 8+ years experience and extensive teaching expertise.

Problem Solving Team:

  • At BIIT we have experts in all aspects and areas of Autodesk 3DS Max who are ready to help you with any problems you may face 24×7.
  • Our small Batches provide one to one focus on each student.
  • BIIT the best training Institute for all your IT Training requirements in East Delhi.
  • Our Autocas 3D’s Max Expert Course Details.
    (Interior/Exterior) with V-Ray).

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Interface and layout study
  • Extended primitives
  • layout setting
  • Compound objects
  • Bend
  • Taper
  • Twist
  • Stretch
  • Skew
  • FFD
  • Extrude
  • Shell
  • Lattice
  • Modeling
  • Edit Poly Modeling
  • Chamfer
  • Symmetry Mirror
  • Modeling
  • Designing a table, chair,
  • Sofa and Bad
  •  Designing a house using a box
  • Lines and Nurbs
  • Importing a plan from AutoCAD
  • Making an interior space
  • Doors and Windows
  • AEC extended
  • Railing and Trees
  • Stair
  • Texturing & Materials (V-Ray)
  • Bump Mapping
  • ink and paint
  • Material library
  • Architectural Materials
  • Lighting (V-Ray)
  • Omni, Spot, Direct Lights
  • Skylight and Light tracer rendering
  • Light effects, IES Lights
  • Ambient, Sun & Mesh lights
  • Camera
  • Free camera
  • Target Camera
  • Camera Animation
  • Particles and Dynamics
  • Particle systems
  • Object Properties
  • Rendering (V-Ray)
  • Rendering images
  • Rendering moving images
  • VRay rendering
  • Project Work
  • Interior Day Light Render
  • Interior Night Light Render
  • Interior Morning Light Render
  • Exterior Day Light Render
  • Exterior Night Light Render
  • Exterior Morning Light RenderZ

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For any further queries and doubts, kindly fill in the details given below and hit send. You will get a callback within 24 hours.