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  • In this module, we will discuss each and every basic terms to clarify the concept of SEO. That will help you to understand SEO from basic level:
  • What is a search engine?
    How search engines works?
    What Is SEO?
    What is the need of SEO
    History Of SEO
    How SEO Works
    What is Googlebot (Google Crawler)
    Types Of SEO technique
    What Is Google’s SEO Algorithm updates?
    How to create planning and strategies for SEO
    What is SEO tools and why we need it?
  • What Is Technical SEO
  • Technical SEO Ranking factors
  • Type of meta tags and their effect on SEO
  • Site architecture Optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Permalinks optimization
  • Canonicalization
  • What Is Robots.txt File & How to create it
  • Setup of CDN
  • Installation of SSL
  • How to Improve Website Performance & Speed using Plugin
  • How to perform the Page Speed Test
  • XML and HTML sitemap creation and optimization
  • How to Add and verify a website in Google Console
  • Google Analytics setup and monitoring

Keyword research is the heart of SEO. Without the right keyword at the right time, you can not rank a website in SERP.

The following topics will be covered in Keyword Research.

  1. What Is Keyword
  2. The impotence of Keyword Research?
  3. Different types of keywords
  4. How to do Analysis of keywords using Free & Paid Tools
  5. How to find easy to rank keywords related to your website and business
  6. How to do Analysis of Keyword Using Chrome Extension
  7. How to find the Ranking Keyword Of competitor
  8. Selecting the right keywords for the project
  9. How to Know Top ranking Keywords of your sites
  10. How to Find hidden ranking keywords of your website
  11. What Is LSI Keywords : Easy Strategies To find LSI Keywords
  • Content is the king of SEO to boost the ranking of any website. This module will discuss how we can create content that search engines will love to rank.

  1. Content Research
  2. Content Structure
  3. Content Planning With Keywords
  1. What is On-Page SEO?
  2. On-page SEO checklist : we have a proven checklist with help of that you can verify your on-page SEO efforts.
  3. Title Optimization: How to select the right title for your page which will boost your CTR
  4. Content optimization: How to create content that will make visitor like to read and search engine will love to rank
  5. Header Tags Optimization: how and where to use (H1, h2, h3, h4……) tags
  6. Meta Description optimization: how to write meta description to increase your CTR
  7. Image optimization: how to optimize Image for Search Engine
  8. How many images you add to your post
  9. Internal links: How many Internal links you should add to your post.
  10. Outbound links: Which & How many outbound links you should add to your post
  11. Schema Markup
  1. On page Vs. Off-Page Optimization
  2. Introduction to Back Links: Why is it important for SEO?
  3. What is Anchor text and why it is important in link building
  4. When you should start creating backlinks
  5. Some proven ways to get backlinks organically
  6. Easy Method to generate high-quality Do-follow backlinks
  7. Social media submission
  1. Negative SEO refers to the mistake done by us, knowingly or unknowingly. We should avoid that.

    1. What falls under Negative SEO
    2. Avoid duplicate content on your website
    3. What is Black hat SEO?
    4. Some deadly Mistake that is done by website owners
    5. Some bad practice you should never do on the website
    6. Common Negative SEO practiced by your competitor
    7. What step should you take to defend against negative SEO
  1. What is local SEO and why is it important
  2. Important Local SEO factors
  3. Setup of Google My Business (GMB)
  4. How to optimize GMB Listing
  5. Important elements you must optimize on GMB listing
  6. Citations: What is citation & Benefits of citations in Local SEO
  1. YouTube SEO Ranking Factors
  2. Video Optimization
  3. Title Optimization
  4. Description Optimization
  5. Thumbnail Optimization
  6. How to Increase YouTube Subscribers Organically

An analysis is an essential part of strategies while optimizing a website. It helps you to keep an eye on your website performance.

  1. How to make SEO Strategy from Google Search Console & Google Analytics?
  2. How to maintain the position of existing ranking keywords
  3. How to keep Eyes On Competitor Ranking Keywords

In this module, we will show a step-by-step process of getting certification from Google to become a Google certified professional.

  1. Google Analytics Certification
  2. Google Ads Certification

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