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Brahmanand Institute of
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BIIT is an IT institute for students who want to achieve their academic and professional goals. At BIIT, we understand the individual objectives of students and adapt our course content accordingly. Since its inception our institute has been recongised amongst the best for IT training in Laxmi Nagar and our students have consistently shared their experience through their reviews as excellent.

Moreover, BIIT is proud to be one of the most well established IT institutions in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. At BIIT, we aim to deliver the quality education and course content as per every individuals need. We offer a number of IT programmes for students to undertake, from Diploma to degree, from basics to advanced. Since its establishment, the institute has provided education and training to people around the globe, thus helping them change their lives and further their career opportunities.

One of BIIT’s key aims is to provide students and professionals with stepping stones to the future through our outstanding and transformational learning experiences. BIIT is the best computer training institute in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi with a commitment to inspire and support students in accomplishing their goals.

Amongst the many programmes available at BIIT some of the most popular and well received are: Tally, Accounting, MIS, CCC, BCC, Adv Excel, C, C++, Digital marketing, basic and advanced computer studies. The IT programmes offered at BIIT are affordable and flexible in order to enable students to acquire skills whilst honouring their personal and financial commitments. The course content is designed around the student’s need and ability, with classes that are creative and are structured around each student’s bestvway of learning. Teachers at BIIT are certified and hold years of expertise in their field.

We at BIIT, aim to be student oriented. Our IT programmes are designed to enhance the skills of students and professional through an inspiring teaching methodology. Its purpose is to enable students to acquire the basic understanding of each programme which will grow as they progress through. The establishment of new learning scenarios leading to advanced skills and broadened horizons on the benefits of IT Programmes.

BIIT is an IT institution and its course will instil the concept of lifelong learning as a joyful experience.

In short, the training programme for students offers them the first steps on the ladder to success.

IT programmes at BIIT will not only improve students’ skills, but also help in their progress towards an outstanding career, in short, we have helped thousands of aspirants write their success story.

Students are equipped with BIIT study material along with being inspired and motivated to aim for higher level study in the cutting edge technologies leading them towards a brighter future by understanding and utilising the skills learnt. Being taught becomes an enjoyable and rewarding experience bringing increased job satisfaction for teachers and a spur for students to maintain attendance, develop an understanding of the value of learning and make learning online a period of pleasure as well as education.

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