Advance Excel

Advance Excel


It is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft. Excel organizes data in columns and rows and allows you to do mathematical functions graphically represent data(s), and performing different calculations. It runs on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The first version was released in 1985 and has gone through several changes over the years.
Course Objective
  • Examine spreadsheet concepts and explore the Microsoft Office Excel environment.
  • Create, open and view a workbook.
  • Save and print workbooks.
  • Enter and edit data.
  • Modify a worksheet and workbook.
  • Work with cell references.
  • Learn to use functions and formulas.
  • Create and edit charts and graphics.
  • Organize data in an easy-to-navigate way
  • Do basic and complex mathematical functions so you don’t have to
  • Turn piles of data into helpful graphics and charts
  • Analyze data and make forecasting predictions

Basic knowledge of computer

  • Fee :- 4000
  • Duration :- 45DAYS
  • Class Mode :- Online / Offline
  • Level :- Basic To Advance

Excel Introduction

• An overview of the screen, navigation and basic spreadsheet concepts • Various selection techniques • Shortcut Keys

Customizing Excel

• Customizing the Ribbon • Using and Customizing AutoCorrect • Changing Excel’s Default Options Using Basic Functions

• Using Functions – Sum, Average, Max,Min, Count, Counta • Absolute, Mixed and Relative Referencing

Mathematical Functions

• SumIf, SumIfs CountIf, CountIfs AverageIf, AverageIfs, Nested IF, IFERROR Statement, AND, OR, NOT

Protecting Excel

• File Level Protection • Workbook, Worksheet Protection

Text Functions

• Upper, Lower, Proper • Left, Mid, Right • Trim, Len, Exact • Concatenate • Find, Substitute

Date and Time Functions

• Today, Now • Day, Month, Year • Date, Date if, DateAdd • EOMonth, Weekday

Advanced Paste Special Techniques

• Paste Formulas, Paste Formats • Paste Validations • Transpose Tables

New in Excel 2013 / 2016 & 365

• New Charts – Tree map & Waterfall • Sunburst, Box and whisker Charts • Combo Charts – Secondary Axis • Adding Slicers Tool in Pivot & Tables • Using Power Map and Power View • Forecast Sheet • Sparklines -Line, Column & Win/ Loss • Using 3-D Map • New Controls in Pivot Table – Field, Items and Sets • Various Time Lines in Pivot Table • Auto complete a data range and list • Quick Analysis Tool • Smart Lookup and manage Store

Sorting and Filtering

• Filtering on Text, Numbers & Colors • Sorting Options • Advanced Filters on 15-20 different criteria(s)

Printing Workbooks

• Setting Up Print Area • Customizing Headers & Footers • Designing the structure of a template • Print Titles –Repeat Rows / Columns

What If Analysis

• Goal Seek • Scenario Analysis • Data Tables (PMT Function) • Solver Tool

Logical Functions

• If Function • How to Fix Errors – if error • Nested If • Complex if and or functions

Data Validation

• Number, Date & Time Validation • Text and List Validation • Custom validations based on formula for a cell • Dynamic Dropdown List Creation using Data Validation – Dependency List

Lookup Functions

• Vlookup / HLookup • Index and Match • Creating Smooth User Interface Using Lookup • Nested VLookup • Reverse Lookup using Choose Function • Worksheet linking using Indirect • Vlookup with Helper Column Pivot Tables • Creating Simple

Pivot Tables

• Basic and Advanced Value Field Setting • Classic Pivot table • Choosing Field • Filtering PivotTables • Modifying PivotTable Data • Grouping based on numbers and Dates • Calculated Field & Calculated Items • Arrays Functions • What are the Array Formulas, Use of the Array Formulas? • Basic Examples of Arrays (Using ctrl+shift+enter). • Array with if, len and mid functions formulas. • Array with Lookup functions. • Advanced Use of formulas with Array.

Charts and slicers

• Various Charts i.e. Bar Charts / Pie Charts / Line Charts • Using SLICERS, Filter data with Slicers • Manage Primary and Secondary Axis

Excel Dashboard

• Planning a Dashboard • Adding Tables and Charts to Dashboard • Adding Dynamic Contents to Dashboard

Mail Functions –

• Using Outlook Namespace • Send automated mail • Outlook Configurations, MAPI • Worksheet / Workbook Operations • Merge Worksheets using Macro • Merge multiple excel files into one sheet

Career Opportunities After Accounting Courses

  • Data Analyst. Data Analyst. …
  • Growth Analyst. Growth Analyst. …
  • Excel Consultant. QS Quacquarelli Symonds. …
  • Associate-RPA Tech Support. Associate-RPA Tech Support. …
  • Reporting Analyst. Reporting Analyst. …
  • Excel Developer. …
  • Data Analyst (Growth) …
  • Business Analyst (Banking Domain|SQL|Excel)

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