Feeling overwhelmed by all the technical stuff there is to know about setting up a website?

Didn’t know that you’d need to know anything about database management, web hosting, coding, SEO and website statistics to run a successful online store?

We make WordPress training easy and available at an affordable price. Our courses can be done from anywhere at any time.

This WordPress Training Course is designed to inculcate the knowledge of WordPress in you. As a result, after acquiring the training,  you will be able to create and design any kind of website using WordPress without knowledge of coding. (0 coding knowledge required)

WordPress is an online, open-source (FREE) website creation tool.  It’s probably the easiest and most powerful blog and website content management system (CMS) in existence today. You can even use WordPress to create an online store (using the popular WooCommerce plugin)

If you are a business owner or working professional, you must learn this online wordpress website creation and management so that you can start your own affiliate website, freelancer website or blog or help manage your company website or family business website.


  • What is WordPress CMS?
  • Why is WordPress so Popular CMS?
  • WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com
  • WordPress Vs Blogspot by Google
  • WordPress Alternative CMS’s
  • Technical Requirements to Use WordPress
  • Skills required to Use WordPress
  • Getting Started: Domain Name Purchase
  • Ideal Hosting for WordPress Site/Blog
  • Connecting Your Domain to Hosting Server
  • Installing WordPress using Cpanel
  • Installing WordPress on your Server Manually
  • WordPress Manual Installation Process Explanation
  • Updation and Explanation of WP very Latest Version
  • Login WordPress Website
  • WordPress Dashboard Features Overview
  • WordPress Profile / Gravatar Profile Creation
  • Configuring a WordPress Website Setting
  • General Setting & Discussion Setting
  • Reading & Writing Setting
  • Permalink Setting & Privacy Setting
  • Miscellaneous Settings in WordPress
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Understanding the Difference Between Post & Page in WP
  • WordPress Category Vs Tags
  • WordPress Features Image
  • Import Export Blog Post & Data from Blogspot (if required)
  •  Learn to Create First Post & Publishing
  • Learn how to Create Pages
  • Understanding User Roles and Capabilities
  • WordPress Media Gallery
  • Users Comment Management
  • WordPress Website Customization
  • What is WordPress Themes – Explanation
  • What is WordPress Plugin – Explanation
  • Theme Installation & Customization
  • Use of WordPress Page Builder
  • Landing Page Creation in WordPress
  • Plugin Installation and Configuration
  • Must-Have / Required Plugin for Every Website
  • Breadcrumbs Settings  – Yoast SEO
  • WordPress Website SEO Plugin Settings – Yoast SEO
  • Search Engine Friendly URL
  • Analytics Configuration – Yoast SEO
  • Social Media Graph Meta Data – Yoast SEO
  • Title, Description & Keywords Tags – Yoast SEO
  • Robots txt and Sitemap Setting
  • Speedup WordPress Website
  • WordPress Website Security
  • Automatic Backup Setup
  • WordPress Website Migration Process
  • Understanding WordPress Database
  • Question-answer session to re-capture what you have learned so far


  • Course Outcome: You will be able to create and design any kind of website without coding skills.
  • Certificate: A certificate of  course completion from us online.

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For any further queries and doubts, kindly fill in the details given below and hit send. You will get a callback within 24 hours.