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A sort of software testing called database testing examines the structure, tables, triggers, and other components of the database that is being tested. In order to load or stress test the database and assess its response, complicated queries must be created. It verifies the consistency and integrity of the data. BIIT is the perfect place to learn Database Testing where you will get knowledge under the supervision of the expert staff. 

The User Interface (UI) layer, the business layer, the data access layer, and the database are typically all layers in the process of database testing.

The database testing’s goal is:

  1. Maintain Data Mapping: It determines whether the matching fields in the database table are consistently mapped to the fields in the user interface or front end forms.

  2. Make sure transactions have ACID properties: All database operations must adhere to the following four principles: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. Beside this BIIT, one of the best computer institute provides certificate, diploma and degree courses

  3. Ensure Data Integrity: All forms and screens should display the updated and most recent values of shared data. On one screen, the value shouldn’t be updated while showing an older value on another. In parallel, the status should also be updated.

  4. Ensure the accuracy of business rules: Components like relational constraints, triggers, and stored procedures are complicated because of complex databases. Therefore, to validate the complicated items, order testers create the proper SQL queries. You can enroll yourself in Software testing course in BIIT which is located in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi.

Attributes of database testing:

  1. Transactions: Data access and retrieval are referred to as transactions. Therefore, during the transaction processes the ACID properties should be followed.

  2. The database schema is the plan or framework for how the data is arranged in the database.

  3. Triggers: A trigger is automatically instructed to run when a specific event takes place in a specific table.

  4. Procedures: It is the collection of the statements or functions governing the transactions in the database. All this guidance you will get under one roof where BIIT will help you out to train you professionally.

Database Testing Process

Setting up the testing environment is the first step in the database testing process since it allows for the execution of a high-quality testing process.

  • Create test scenarios: Test cases are created for running the test after the test environment has been set up. The test scenario includes several inputs and database-related transactions.

  • Execution: The main stage of the testing procedure, during which the testing is done, is execution. Basically, it has to do with running the test cases created for the testing process.

  • Analysis: Following the completion of the execution phase, the entire process and the results are examined. It is examined to see if the testing procedure was carried out correctly or not.

  • Log errors: Reporting flaws is another name for logging defects. The tester notifies the developer of any bugs detected in the system’s database during this final phase.

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