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Here is our SEO course syllabus that gives complete details about the course content that we take for SEO training. The syllabus is prepared by SEO industry experts based on the current market trends. The modules can be customized on request of the candidate’s requirement.

Module 1: Introduction

 Introduction to Google Ads

 Understanding the Google Network

 How Does Google Ads Work?

Module 2: Google Ads Keyword Research

 What is a Keyword?

 Different Types of Keywords

 What is Keyword Research

 Keyword Research Methodology

 How to Choose the Right Keywords to Target

Module 3: Creating a Google Ads Account

 What is a Campaign?

 Campaign Objectives

 Choosing Campaign Types



 Location Targeting


 Audience Segment

 Budget Delivery Method

 Bid Strategies: Manual vs Automated

Module 4: Keyword Match Types

 What are Keyword match types?

 How to use match types

 Broad Match

 Phrase Match

 Exact Match

 Negative Match

 Keyword Planner Tool

 Creating a Plan with Estimations

 Adding Keywords to Ad Groups

Module 5: Search Ad Campaign

 Types of Campaigns

 Defining the objective of the campaign

 Location Targeting

 Language Settings

 Google Partners

 Bidding Strategies

 How to choose the Budget

 Ad Scheduling

 Ad delivery and Ad Rotation

Module 6: Display Advertising

 What is Display Ads

 Objectives of Display Campaign

 Bidding Strategies

 Budget Settings

 Audience Targeting Methods

 Demographic Targeting

 Content-based Targeting

 Automated Targeting

 Types of Ad Formats

 Creating Custom Ads

Module 7: YouTube Video Ads

 What is Display Ads

 Types of YouTube Ads

 Skippable in-stream ads.

 Non-skippable in-stream ads.

 In-feed video ads.

 Bumper ads.

 Ad Sequence.

 YouTube Targeting options

 Bidding Types

 Reports & Analysis

Module 8: Quality Score & Ad Rank

 What is Quality Score?

 How Quality Score Affects Your Campaigns

 Quality Score Factors

 Understanding the Ads Auction

 What is Ad Rank?

 How Ad Rank Works

Module 9: Conversion Tracking

 What is a Conversion?

 What is Conversion Tracking?

 Types of Conversions

 Website Conversion

 App Conversion

 Call Conversion

 Steps to Setting Up Conversion Tracking

Module 10: Remarketing Campaign

 What is Remarketing

 How to build audience list

 Types of Remarketing Audience

 Website audience

 App Audience

 Customer List

 Custom Remarketing List

 Create a Remarketing Campaign

 Remarketing Ads

 Conversion Tracking

Module 11: Campaign Optimization

 How to segment your data

 Bid Adjustments

 Time of Day Reports

 Location Reports

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