Full Stack Web Development Using MERN

Full Stack Web Development Using MERN

Certified MERN Stack Developer Training Course.


  • MERN stack is a collection of technologies that enable faster application development.
  • It is used by developers worldwide with the main purpose of developing apps using JavaScript only.
  • This is because the four technologies that make up the technology stack are all JS-based.
  • MERN Stack is currently one of the most in demand and popular Full Stack Web Development Technologies.
  • It makes application enhancement easier and better.
  • MERN Stack includes both back-end and front-end and gives you the advantage of utilizing only one programming language.
  • With a rise in demand for MERN Developers and the continued growth of career opportunities in the field, being a Full Stack MERN Developer is an extremely lucrative job title to have.
  • Skills you will gain from our Certification Course.
  • Building a full stack web applications with React, Node, Express, and MongoDB
  • Mastering Node JS API (Backend) Development
  • Deep understanding of Express JS and Express Routing
  • In-depth knowledge of Mongo DB and its Operations
  • Connecting Node JS with Mongo DB
  • Developing Single Page Applications with React
  • Learn to Write Functional Components with React Hooks
  • Node JS Runtime Environment
  • You’ve set your goal. Now it’s time to join BIIT’s BEST MERN Stack Developer Training Course in East Delhi.
  • Build knowledge and skills with BIIT to propel your career.
  • BIIT’s MERN Stack Developer Training provides a comprehensive and in depth study of all the areas and related topics of the field.

Who is the course aimed at?

  • This course will be beneficial for those interested in starting their career or wishing to augment their profile and increase employability.
  • Prepare with BIIT the best IT training in East Delhi.

Why Choose BIIT?

  • First and foremost we have the most highly skilled trainers with the best experience working in this field.
  • Your training will cover not only working on theoretical knowledge but also the essential practical skills.
  • BIIT is ranked the best Certified MERN Stack Developer Training institute in Laxmi Nagar East Delhi because along with the best tutoring, we also offer job support and interview preparation.

Boost your Career With BIIT the best IT Training in East Delhi

Training by Professionals:

You will be trained by professionals who have 8+ years experience and extensive teaching expertise.

Problem Solving Team:

At BIIT we have experts in all aspects and areas of MERN Stack Developer Certification Training
who are ready to help you with any problems you may face 24×7.

Our small Batches provide one to one focus on each student.

BIIT the best Institute for all your Aviation Training requirements in East Delhi.

For further information on this course including fees, duration and class mode, or any aspect of BIIT’s extensive range of IT related training contact our office and speak with one of our expert counsellors.


Module 1 – Mastering MongoDB

  • Mastering MongoDB-based application development
  • Design MongoDB database from start to finish
  • Knowing when and where to use MongoDB in your application development
  • Spot key features and advantages of NoSQL database MongoDB over RDBMS databases
  • Differentiate between RDBMS and NoSQL databases
  • Building and running applications

Module 2 – Mastering Express JS

  • Building your own applications
  • Integrating MongoDB in a Full-stack
  • Developing apps in a full-stack
  • Developing an Express server
  • Configure templating engines
  • Utilizing this knowledge in other programming languages

Module 3 – Complete Course in ReactJS

  • Mastering React.js and its basic concepts
  • Utilizing stateful and stateless components
  • Experience with working on function-based and class-based components
  • Mastering React Modules, importing and exporting the modules
  • Understanding of render method works
  • Becoming proficient in React component lifecycle and different lifecycle methods

Module 4 – NodeJs for Web Developers

  • Building, testing, and launching Node application
  • Creating Express web servers and APIs which are currently the most in-demand web development programming skills
  • Building server-side rendered apps and REST APIs
  • Storing data with Mongoose and MongoDB
  • In-depth understanding of the NodeJS ecosystem
  • Utilizing cutting-edge ES6/ES7 JavaScript
  • Deploying your Node application to production
  • Creating real-time web applications with SocketIO
  • Testing, installation, and testing frameworks
  • Guided Projects
  • Payroll Management System using Node.js, Express, MongoDB
  • Online Grocery Store using MongoDB, Express, Node.js
  • Mailing server using Node.js
  • Online Food Ordering System
  • Entertainment App using React.js
  • Domains Covered
  • GUI Development
  • Web Site Development
  • Front End Technical Features Development
  • Get a Certificate
  • Showcase certificates
  • Download or print as PDF
  • Access anywhere
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