Core Python

Core Python

Core Python Course.

You’ve set your goal. Now it’s time to join BIIT and build the knowledge and skills to propel your career on our Core Python Course.

What is Core Python?

Python is a versatile computer programming language that is extremely  suitable for tasks ranging from scripts to large systems. 

BIIT’s Core Python Training Course provides a comprehensive and in depth study of all the areas and related topics of the field. 

Who is the course aimed at?

This course will be beneficial for those interested in starting their career or wishing to augment their IT profile and increase employability.

Candidate Requirements:

A good understanding of any IT field from beginner to advanced level will be an advantage.

Prepare with BIIT the best Core Python Course training in East Delhi.

Why is BIIT the best institute for IT Courses and Training in East Delhi?:

First and foremost we have the most highly skilled trainers with the best industry experience working in this field. 

Your training will cover not only working on theoretical knowledge but also the essential  practical skills that help you understand concepts using live projects, you’ll get hands-on experience and therefore increased employability.. 

Why Choose  BIIT ?

*BIIT is ranked the best Core Python Training institute in Laxmi Nagar East Delhi because along with the best tutoring, we also offer job support and interview preparation.

Boost your Career With BIIT the best IT Training in East Delhi 

*Life Time Validity: 

Once you are enrolled with BIIT for training, you can revise specific topics or the whole syllabus at any time, up to a maximum of 5 years, untill such time as you’re fully competent and confident.


*Training by Professionals: 


You will be trained by professionals who have 8+ years industry experience and extensive teaching expertise.


*Problem Solving Team: 


At BIIT we have experts in all aspects and areas of IT who are ready to help you with any  problems you may face 24×7.


*Our small Batches provide one to one focus on each student.


BIIT the best training Institute for all your IT requirements in East Delhi.

About BIIT’s Core Python Course:


The programming course covers the best practices, including unit testing, version control, and optional idioms as well as

an Introduction to Programming,


The basic Model of computation, algorithms, flowcharts, Programming Languages, compilation, testing & debugging and documentation.


Algorithms and Flowcharts to Solve Problems


Flow Chart Symbols, Basic algorithms/flowcharts for sequential processing, decision based processing and iterative processing. Some examples like: Exchanging values of two variables, summation of a set of numbers, Decimal Base to Binary Base conversion, Reversing digits of an integer, GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) of two numbers, Test whether a number is prime, factorial computation, Fibonacci sequence, Evaluate ‘sin x’ as sum of a series, Reverse order of elements of an array, Find largest number in an array, Print elements of upper triangular matrix, etc.


Introduction to Python


Python Introduction, Technical Strength of Python, Introduction to Python Interpreter and program execution, Using Comments, Literals, Constants, Python’s Built-in Data types, Numbers (Integers, Floats, Complex  Numbers, Real, Sets), Strings (Slicing, Indexing, Concatenation, other operations on

Strings), Accepting input from Console, printing statements, Simple ‘Python’ programs.


Operators, Expressions and Python Statements


Assignment statement, expressions, Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Bitwise operators and their precedence, Conditional statements: if, if-else, if-elif-else; simple programs, Notion of iterative computation and control flow –range function, While Statement, For loop, break statement, Continue Statement, Pass statement, else, assert.


Sequence Data Types


Lists, tuples and dictionary, (Slicing, Indexing, Concatenation, other operations on Sequence  datatype),concept  of  mutability,  Examples  to  include  finding  the maximum, minimum, mean; linear search on list/tuple of numbers, and counting the frequency of elements in a list using a dictionary.



Top-down approach of problem solving, Modular programming and functions, Function parameters, Local variables, the Return statement, DocStrings, global statement, Default argument values, keyword arguments, VarArgs parameters.

Library function-input(), eval(),print(), String Functions: count(), find(), rfind(), capitalize(), title(), lower(), upper(), swapcase(), islower(), isupper(), istitle(),


replace(), strip(), lstrip(), rstrip(), aplit(), partition(), join(), isspace(), isalpha(), isdigit(), isalnum(), startswith(), endswith(), encode(), decode(), String: Slicing, Membership, Pattern Matching, Numeric Functions: eval(), max(), min(), pow(), round(), int(), random(), ceil(), floor(), sqrt(), Date & Time Functions, Recursion.


File Processing


Concept of Files, File opening in various modes and closing of a file, Reading from a file, Writing onto a file, File functions-open(), close(), read(), readline(), readlines(),write(), writelines(),tell(),seek(), Command Line arguments.


Scope and Modules


Scope of objects and Names, LEGB Rule


Module Basics, Module Files as Namespaces, Import Model, Reloading Modules.


NumPy Basics


Introduction to NumPy, ndarray, datatypes, array attributes, array creation routines, Array From Existing Data, Array From Numerical Ranges, Indexing & Slicing.


Reference Books/Study Material


Python Programming- A modular Approach (with Graphics, database, Mobile and Web Applications by Sheetal Taneja and Naveen Kumar, Pearson.

Python Network Programming Cookbook by Pradeeban Kathiravelu, Dr. M. O. Faruque Sarkar, PACKT.


Head First Python by Paul Berry, O’Reilly


Dive into Python by Mark Pilgrim, APress


Beginning Programming with Python Dummies by John Paul Meuller.


Career prospects post training:


After completing the Python programming certification course you will have the essential skills required to go for

career options like software enterprises, joining KPOs, BPOs, Government Organizations, and many more.  


Candidates can also apply for jobs in profiles such as:


Software programmer


Python Application Engineer


Data Analyst


Python developer


Android software developer


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