Introduction to Cyber Security

Introduction to Cyber Security

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Cyber Security is the field of study that focuses on methods required to prevent computer systems and networks from leaking information, vandalising hardware, software, or electronic data, and misdirecting the services they provide.

Unit  1: Introduction to Cyber Space

History of Internet, Cyber Crime, Information Security,Computer Ethics and Security Policies

Unit 2: Choosing the Best Browser according to the requirement and email security

Guidelines to choose web browsers, Securing web browser ,

Antivirus and Email security  

UInit 3: Guidelines for secure password and wi-fi security

Guidelines for setting up a Secure password,Two-steps authentication ,

Password Manager  and Wi-Fi Security .

Unit 4: Guidelines for social media and basic Windows security

Guidelines for social media security, Tips and best practices for safer Social Networking , Basic Security for Windows    & User Account Password 

Unit 5: Smartphone security guidelines

Introduction to mobile phones, Smartphone Security, Android Security , IOS Security

Unit 6: Cyber Security Initiatives in India

Counter Cyber Security Initiatives in India, Cyber Security Exercise,Cyber Security Incident Handling  and  Cyber Security Assurance  

Unit 7: Online Banking, Credit Card and UPI Security

Online Banking Security, Mobile Banking Security, Security of Debit and Credit Card & UPI Security   

unit 8: Micro ATM, e-wallet and POS Security

Security of Micro ATMs, e-wallet Security Guidelines & Security Guidelines for Point of Sales(POS)   

Week 9: Social Engineering

Social Engineering , Types of Social Engineering  & How Cyber Criminal Works 

Week 10: Cyber Security Threat Landscape and Techniques

Cyber Security Threat Landscape, Emerging Cyber Security & Cyber Security Techniques  & Firewall

Week 11: IT Security Act and Misc. Topics

IT Act, Hackers-Attacker-Countermeasures , Web Application Security , Digital Infrastructure Security   & Defensive Programming    

Week 12: Information Destroying and Recovery Tools

Recovering from Information Loss, Destroying Sensitive Information  & CCleaner for Windows                     

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