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After graduating from high school, many commerce students seek a bachelor’s degree in commerce from one of several colleges. For a better future, some pursue it as a normal or private student from other colleges with E-Accounting courses. We provide a three-year integrated programme in Computerized Accounting, E-Accounting, Data Security, and Basics of Computer Hardware and Networking at BIIT in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi. BIIT is one of the best Institutes of Computerized and E-Accounting in Delhi for learning B.com (three-year integrated programme) and E-Accounting.

Your quest for B. com near me in Delhi or B. com coaching near me has come to an end. This course will not only help you find work, but it will also help you grow as a professional, competent in the areas of accounting, finance, taxation, and e-filing while also improving your spoken English abilities, confidence, and personality.

Your expertise will be enhanced by combining face-to-face and online instruction. Experienced and knowledgeable educators will give face-to-face and online B. Com coaching. After clearing all of the tests, the university will give the degree.

Primary Objective of this course:

  1. Com in E Accounting is a bachelor’s degree programme offered by Mizoram University as a three-year online programme. Learners will gain a thorough understanding of all areas of e accounting, from the foundations of accounting to accounting in electronic media, through this course. The B. Com programme is a 36-subject course with a curriculum that is aimed to familiarize students with practice and application-oriented learning.

Who is this e-accounting course for?

The B. com in e accounting programme is designed for high school graduates who want to pursue careers in finance, auditing, or accounting.

Learning Outcomes from an E-Accounting Course:

  • Learn how to use online accounting software and how to make it work for you.
  • Understand how to use computerized software to prepare financial and tax reports.
  • Understand the organization, management, and economics of a firm.
  • Learn about cost accounting, worldwide financial reporting, and company law.
  • Corporate accounting, e-banking, financial services, and enterprise resource planning are among the topics covered.
  • E-commerce, company ethics, corporate governance, and digital marketing are all topics you should be familiar with.

Overview of the E – Accounting Course Syllabus:

A panel of specialists developed the B. Com E Accounting course syllabus, which consists of 36 modules. Video lectures, thorough notes, case studies, and live Q&A will help students learn E Accounting. Regular projects, assignments, and tests will be used to evaluate students. The following are the semester-by-semester modules covered in the B. Com E Accounting course:

First Semester

Course code

Title of the Course


English (Prose and Poetry)


Alternative English


Business Organization and Management


Business Economics


Financial Accounting


Environmental Studies

Second Semester

Course code

Title of the Course


Communicative English


Alternative English


Business Environment


Business Analytics


Marketing Management


Indian Economy    

Third Semester 

Course code

Title of the Course


Computerized Accounting


Cost Accounting


Human Resource Management


Legal Aspects of Business


International Financial Reporting


Digital Marketing

Fourth Semester

Course code

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Financial Institutions


Introduction to Actuarial Science


Advanced MS- Excel


Company Law and Secretarial Practice


Corporate Accounting


Digital Marketing

Fifth Semester


Course code

Title of the Course


Entreprise Resource Planning


E- Banking and Financial Services


Software Project Management


Advanced MS-Access




Cyber Law and Security

Sixth Semester

Course code

Title of the Course




Business Ethics and Corporate-Governance


Income Tax


GST and E-filing


Project Work


Seminar and Viva Voce

Technology has made our life easier by offering a virtual platform for most services and increasing accessibility. B. Com degree in E Accounting course from BIIT, one of the leading computer centres, may be completed from the comfort of your own home. Due to advancements in traditional accounting and bookkeeping methods, E Accounting is a rapidly growing industry.

With this in mind, the E Accounting course will bring students up to speed on accounting in the digital age and prepare them for the reality of modern accounting practices. Give your career a boost by enrolling in a B. Com in E Accounting programme, which is meant to teach students about various areas of E Accounting. If you want to enroll in this course at BIIT which is located in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi, please feel free to enquire and our experts will help you out to assist you.

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