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Without using a computer system with specialist accounting software, financial records are maintained. A written ledger of transactions, physical records, pads of paper, and books are used instead to manually record transactions in accounting books. In a manual accounting system, various ledgers with distinct books to record various sorts of accounts, such as payroll or sales, are frequently used. The financial statements for the company will be prepared using the data entered in these ledgers. You can enrol yourself for Manual Accounting course at BIIT.

In order to record the date of the transaction, the kind of account, the amount, whether it is a debit or credit, and any remarks, an accounting page in a manual accounting ledger often has four or more printed columns with several rows.

Small businesses may use manual accounting systems to lower costs such computer equipment costs, software licence fees, and employee training since they may be less expensive than specialised accounting software. Because there may not be many transactions for the accounting ledgers to record, a small business may also employ a manual accounting system. 

What Is a Manual of Accounting?

In this course at BIIT, you will learn for a company or organisation, an accounting manual contains important accounting guidelines and other data. It is a manual that was created internally and contains details particular to the company for whom it was created.


  • The policies and practises of a company’s accounting are contained in an accounting manual.
  • Internally created, the accounting manual provides the business with company-specific accounting guidelines.
  • The accounting manual serves as a reference for accounting staff and a manual of instruction for new hires.
  • An accounting handbook often includes details on the company’s many departments, the accounting methods employed, specific guidelines for maintaining ledgers, reporting requirements, and budgetary information.

How to Read an Accounting Manual?

An organization’s relevant accounting regulations, practises, and recommendations are outlined in an accounting manual. It was created internally by the company and can be used as a training resource, to cross-train colleagues, or to on board new hires. Depending on the nature and size of the organisation, accounting manuals vary in size and substance from one organisation to the next. You can access this course at BIIT, which is located in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi.

A company’s accounting handbook may include a list of positions or departments, a list of accounts, particular instructions for keeping ledgers or records of transactions, or other standards that the accounting staff must adhere to.

It frequently includes samples of forms that must be filled out, kept on site for recording purposes, or sent outside for reporting. It may also include budgetary information. An accounting handbook is essentially a summary of all the critical accounting data and processes for a corporation.


Components of Accounting Manual

An introduction to an accounting handbook typically states the goal of the document, what readers should take away from it, and how management is accountable for the company’s financial statements.

The next section typically discusses the various company divisions and demonstrates how they contribute to the accounting process. This section describes the organisational structure of the business and the duties of each department.

Then, it is taught how reporting should be done as well as the accounting policies and procedures. In BIIT, you will learn the accounting handbook then goes into detail about the planning procedure, what kind of reporting is necessary, and who is in charge of these tasks.

Following this, the process may concentrate on several accounting topics, including internal audits, cost accounting, inventory accounting, and cash accounting. The accounting manual typically includes a list of resources at the end to help with the complete procedure.

Typical Accounting Manual

The XYZ Corporation produces and markets widgets. The accounting division of XYZ Corporation keeps track of all the numbers involved in operating a manufacturing plant, storing inventory, and running a sales and distribution operation.

The accounting manual for XYZ contains all the relevant corporate accounts, instructions for keeping them, and paperwork that must be filled out for these lines of business.

The XYZ corporation senior accounting team internally created the accounting manual, which is used as a training resource for new hires as well as a point of reference for seasoned personnel.

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