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Adobe InDesign 2023

It is to create graphics and text-intensive publications that can be output to any publishing medium, including print and web screen devices.

We focus on setting up and organizing both InDesign and the document, and placing both text and graphics on its pages. This course introduces you to the main principles and ideas of page layout software and covers key procedures including:

  • Getting to know and organize the tools, panels, and workspaces
  • Learning how to navigate around and zoom (magnify) an InDesign document
  • Setting up InDesign preferences to help workflow efficiency with global defaults
  • Working with content in layers for efficiency and organization
  • Setting up master pages in a document for things that repeat
  • Building automatic page numbering and page numbering sections
  • Placing text and graphics on document pages
  • Creating text and graphics placeholder frames
  • Understanding and editing power features of text and graphics frames
  • Grouping and transforming (moving, rotating, skewing) frames
  • Formatting text using paragraph and character styles
  • Why paragraph styles and character styles benefit your workflow
  • Design principles that make good-looking layout and typesetting
  • Defining margins and columns and grids and guides on a page
  • Flowing, threading, and spell-checking text in text frames
  • Adding color using swatches, gradients and tints
  • Re-using styles and colors and content among ID documents
  • The CMYK printing process explained
  • The RGB screen/device publishing process explained
  • How to export your design for print or screen devices
  • When to use InDesign versus Illustrator vs Photoshop
  • Typesetting and printing terms and history are explained
  • How to setup the spell-checker and why we do so
  • Frequently-used shortcuts and techniques
  • Additional resources that will grow your learning and experience
What’s new in InDesign 2023 versus past versions?
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