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Corel Draw

CorelDraw is an advanced computer graphic editing software that includes various types of alteration and transformation of images and pages capabilities.

The CorelDRAW program is part of the package of Corel Graphics Suite designed by Corel Corporation, which has several versions from the most basic to the most advanced and latest.

This software is used in fields of graphic arts and communication in order to produce, edit, and transform images to a digital level. It is a vector drawing application, layout tools, effects and functions about images and pages and retouching and editing multiple alternatives.

It is often used to generate images and graphics from scratch but also allows you to edit photographs, drawings, and other graphics to correct imperfections or defects or even to provide different effects of chroma, brightness, contrast, tonal curve, special effects, transparency, blends, and fades and others.

Course Outline


  • LOGO Creation
  • HP logo
  • Airtel Logo
  • Pepsi Logo
  • IBM Logo
  • SBI Logo
  • Star Plus
  • LG logo
  • Hindustan Liver Logo
  • Star Design
  • Create Negative Film
  • Perspective Effect
  • Medal Design
  • Design Font Installation
  • Create Tiranga
  • T-shirt Design
  • All Tools Of CorelDraw
  • CorelDraw Bitmap effects
  • Certificate Design in CorelDraw
  • Banner Design

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