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BIIT offers certification in ISTQB. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board is known as ISTQB. It is made up of representatives from each national board that currently exists, including the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB). The criteria for certification and accreditation as an ISTQB authorised training provider are established by the ISTQB. This course offers detail description at BIIT, one of the best academy in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.

What year did ISTQB certification begin?

The ISTQB Certified Tester programmes at both the Foundation Level and the Advanced Level fill the gap between research, industry practise, and standard training.

The need from the industry prompted the creation of this certification programme in Europe. The programme was launched in the United States in order to properly internationalise it and to meet industry demand for a globally recognised certification, which is currently the norm in many other nations. The program’s open structure, volunteer nature, non-profit status, and national board representation of interests are all factors that have contributed to its success.

Here at BIIT, Software testers can obtain certification globally through the ISTQB Certified Tester programme. The Foundation Level and Advanced Level certificates are the two certification levels that are currently available. International working groups create and uphold internationally standardised curricula and assessments for both levels. One of the program’s guiding principles is the rigorous division between exam administration and training for candidates who wish to take ISTQB-compliant courses to prepare for the exam.

The knowledge being tested in the Foundation Level exam is not skill. It gives details on how well-versed the credential holder is in the language and most essential ideas in software testing. No prior work experience is necessary. The Advanced Level exam, which is more detailed and practice-oriented, is a step up from the Foundation Level exam. Base Level: Information. Skill at an advanced level. Beside this BIIT also offers diploma and degree courses and it one of the reputed computer academy in Delhi.


It consists of:

  • Tests for General Knowledge Certifications.
  •  Certifications for Foundation level Testing (ISTQB) Specialist Testing
  • Agile Evaluation (ISTQB)
  • Technical Testing in Agile (ISTQB)
  • Adoption Testing (ISTQB)
  • Tester of automotive software (ISTQB)
  • Gaming Sector Tester (ISTQB)
  • Testing mobile applications (ISTQB)
  • Mobile Evaluation (ASTQB)
  • Model-Based Evaluation (ISTQB)
  • Performance Evaluation (ISTQB)
  • Security Checks (ISTQB)
  • Analyst for technical tests (ISTQB)
  • the test analyst (ISTQB)
  • Testing Engineering Automation (ISTQB)
  • Test Director (ISTQB)
  • Test Administration (ISTQB)
  • Usability Evaluation (ISTQB)

Pre-requisites for Certification:

Prerequisites are related to certification tests and offer a logical path through the ISTQB Scheme, assisting individuals in selecting the appropriate certificate and educating them on the information required.

Any other certification requires completion of the ISTQB Core Foundation.

The following list of additional ISTQB pre-conditions rules is an overview:

  • As of right now, all Foundation Level Specialist certifications require Foundation Core as a pre-requisite.
  • Foundation Core shall be required for Advanced Level Core.
  • Foundation Core is the default prerequisite for Foundation Level Specialist certifications unless otherwise stated in the specific module.
  • Any Advanced Level Specialist or Expert Level Specialist module that is linked to a lower level Specialist module shall require certification at the lower level.
  • Any Advanced Level Specialist module that is not linked to a lower level Specialist module shall require the Foundations Core as a pre-condition. 
  • These rules are represented graphically in the ISTQB Product Portfolio map.
  •  Expert Level modules shall require certification at the corresponding Advanced Level.

The 2018 syllabus serves as the foundation for the current ISTQB Foundation Level certification. Anyone who must demonstrate practical knowledge of the core principles of software testing, including those in professions such as testers, test analysts, engineers, consultants, managers, user acceptability testers, and software developers, should pursue the Foundation Level qualification. Here, BIIT provides you full fleshed training and hands on practise along with placements in various reputed organisations.

It’s also excellent for professionals like project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors, and management consultants who need a fundamental grasp of software testing.

The several Advanced Level tests are more hands-on and call for in-depth expertise in particular fields. The test process is planned for and managed by the test manager. Reviews and black box testing techniques are among the issues that test analysts are concerned with. Component tests, often known as unit tests, are part of the technical test analyst role. These tests ask for understanding of non-functional testing techniques and white box testing, as well as test tools.

Exam Pattern

  • Multiple choice questions are asked on both the Foundation and Advanced exams. 
  • The Foundation Level and Advanced Level certifications are perpetual, and renewal is not necessary. 
  • The quality and auditing of the examination are the responsibility of the ISTQB Member Boards. There are testing boards in 66 nations worldwide (date: May 2020). Examinations, including electronic exams, can also be purchased from authorised exam suppliers (e.g. at Pearson VUE). 

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