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In Delhi at BIIT, we provide digital marketing training. Students will leave the course with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and how to use its various tools to expand their businesses. The course is available as a full-time course, and students have the option of taking particular modules or the complete course. Additionally, because the course is modular, students can go at their own speed and select whether to enroll full- or part-time at BIIT.

The best digital marketing school in Delhi is BIIT, which provides a variety of online and offline courses for everyone. BIIT is a great option if you’re seeking for the best digital marketing course available both online and offline. The pricing structure is likewise straightforward and reasonable, making the most recent business advertising strategies available to everyone. We guarantee that our students will receive 100% placement aid and have the greatest staff and trainer in the business. If you’re seeking for digital marketing courses and training, BIIT India is the finest option. We provide the top training in digital marketing using real-world projects. You may learn quickly and excel in online marketing with the help of our company.

Long-term digital marketing courses often consist of an integrated training programme that includes a thorough examination of each of the specializations within the field. 

You will learn about each and every vertical of this field in detail in a fully integrated, long-term digital marketing training course at BIIT, starting with how to build a simple business website or blog, how to conduct appropriate keyword research, how search engine optimization (SEO)works, social media marketing (SMM & SMO), affiliate marketing, email and mobile marketing, and everything else you need to launch your career or business in this area.

The training methodology is built on building your website first, and you receive hands-on experience using all the tactics and methods to drive traffic or generate leads to your website or blog.

After the lengthy courses, you can attempt and pass the certification exams for Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other websites with ease.

BIIT has gathered their five years of digital marketing knowledge into a 12-week course on digital marketing, which is helping recent graduates and working professionals launch their careers in the field while also assisting business owners and entrepreneurs in growing their companies.

Cons and Benefits

If you want to become an expert in digital marketing, it will take time and commitment from you.

A thorough analysis enables you to support an existing business or launch a new one. Excellent for marketing professionals as well as job seekers.

Who can do?

  • Excellent for those just starting out in digital marketing who are serious about a profession.
  • Professionals seeking a change of career might enroll in this course.
  • Anyone interested in upskilling is welcome to pursue it. These in-depth training programmes give you knowledge of all the areas.
  • Owners of businesses can and must take these courses.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

In addition to the Short Term and Long Term Programs in Digital Marketing, the Undergraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing Course is a special and the finest way to enter the world of digital marketing. BIIT has launched the programme with the intention of meeting both current and future industry demands.

If you work diligently during the duration of the course, this field can guarantee you a job at 100%.

In India, there are numerous schools that guarantee to teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing in three to four months. However, unless you are enrolled in the course, it is impossible to learn everything there is to know about it in such a short amount of time.

You must have in-depth knowledge of the course material if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, and you must allow at least a year for your learning to bear fruit.


With the aforementioned information in mind, BIIT has developed the 1-year UGDDM Course, which offers you a number of special benefits, including 1000+ hours of lectures and practical’s, 50+ modules for in-depth course study, 14 priceless certificates valid throughout the world, 5 real-world projects to improve your practical knowledge, etc.

Cons and Benefits

  • It demands your commitment and 1 year of time.
  • Perfect for newcomers, business owners, or anyone in business.

Who can do?

  • Following this course, job seekers can apply for almost 2 lakh positions.
  • This course is open to everyone, however it will aid students who have completed grades 10 and 12 in building a successful career quickly.
  • Students obtaining an undergraduate degree might enroll in UGDDM since it will prepare you for a professional career start.

Start your course today at one of the best academy in East Delhi at BIIT. You can enroll yourself for either short-term or long-term course. Please feel free to enquire and for any assistance.

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