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Data Base Testing

Data Base Testing

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Software Testing. BIIT’S Database Testing Course.


Database Testing:




Database Testing is a kind of software testing that checks the schema, tables, triggers, etc. of the Database under test. It also checks data integrity and consistency.


Who is the course aimed at?


This course will be beneficial for freshers interested in starting their career or working professionals wishing to augment their IT profile and increase employability.


A good understanding of any IT field from beginner to advanced level will be an advantage.


Prepare with BIIT the best IT training in East Delhi.


Database Testing can be done in two ways, one Testing Databases Manually, and Testing Databases using Test Tools.


BIIT the best Database Testing Course in East Delh includes an extensive syllabus.


Database Testing Syllabus:


Introduction to Databases,

Basic SQL,

Types of Database Testing,

Database Testing Life Cycle

and Database Test scenarios.


Manual Testing Syllabus


1. Database Concepts


Introduction to Databases


GUI Testing vs Database Testing


Life Cycle of Database Testing


2. Basic SQL


SQL Syntax


SQL Data Types


SQL Operators


Data Definition Language


Data Manipulation Language


Data Control Language


SQL Functions


SQL Queries and Sub Queries


SQL Clauses


SQL Joins


SQL Views


SQL Indexes


SQL Transactions


SQL Injection


3. Types of Database Testing


Structural Database Testing


Functional Testing


Nonfunctional Testing


4.Database Testing Processes


5. Database Testing Techniques


Database Schema Testing


Stored Procedure Tests


Trigger Tests


Server Setup Scripts


Functional Testing Method


Stress Testing


Benchmark Testing


Testing a Database via Front-end


6. Database Testing – Objects




Tables in Database


Stored Procedures




7. Database Testing – Data Integrity


8. Database Testing – Data Mapping


Key Aspects of Data Mapping


Steps in Data Mapping Testing


9. Database Testing – Performance


Load Testing


Stress Testing


Spike Testing


Data Volume Testing


10. Database Testing – Database Backup


11. Database Testing – Data Recovery


12. Database Testing – Data Security


13. Types of Threats on a Database System


14. Database Security Testing Techniques


15. Database Testing Challenges


Functional Database Tester Job Responsibilities:


Identifying Database Test Scenarios


Connecting to Database and Data Retrieval Operations


Verifying Data Integrity


Verifying Data Manipulation Operations (Addition, Modification and Deletion)


Data Comparisons (Front-end Data with Back-end, Database data with Excel file data etc..)


Verifying Data Back-up and Recovery Operations


Verifying Stored Procedures


Verifying the Data Processing


Functional Database Testing Scenarios:


Verify that data inserted from UI is reflecting properly in the appropriate table.


Check values for columns which are not accepting null values


Check if correct data is getting saved in the database upon successful page submit.


Check for data integrity. Data should be stored in single or multiple tables based on design.


Index names should be given as per the standards.


Tables should have a primary key column.


Table columns should have description information available.


Required table indexes should be created.


Check if data is committed to the database only when the operation is completed


Data should be rolled back in case of failed transactions


Database name should be given as per the application type.


Database logical names should be given according to database name.


Check values for table audit columns.


Check if input data is not truncated while saving.


Check numeric fields with minimum, maximum, and float values.


Check numeric fields with negative values.


Check if radio button and dropdown list options are saved correctly in the database


Check if database fields are designed with the correct data type and data length


Check if all table constraints like a Primary key, Foreign key, etc. are implemented correctly


Test stored procedures and triggers with sample input data


Input field leading and trailing spaces should be truncated before committing data to the database


Null values should not be allowed for the Primary key column


BIIT’s Course benefits:


Prepare for a bright and exciting career in  with BIIT the best Database Testing Course in East Delhi.


You’ve set your goal. Now it’s time to build knowledge and skills to propel your career with BIIT.


Why is BIITs the best Database Testing Course in East Delhi?:


First and foremost we have the most highly skilled trainers with the best industry experience working in this field.


Your training will cover not only working on theoretical knowledge but also the essential  practical skills that help you understand concepts using live projects.


BIIT is ranked the best Database Testing Course in Laxmi Nagar East Delhi,  because along with the best tutoring, we also offer job support and interview preparation.


Why Choose  BIIT ?


Life Time Validity:


Once you are enrolled with BIIT for training, you can revise specific topics or the whole syllabus at any time, up to a maximum of 5 years, untill such time as you’re fully competent and confident.



Training by Professionals:



You will be trained by professionals who have 8+ years of industry experience, plus extensive and highly successful teaching expertise.


Problem Solving Team:


At BIIT we have experts in Database Testing who are ready to help you with any  problems you may face.


Our small Batches provide one to one focus on each student.


BIIT the best training for Database Testing

in East Delhi.